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Arizona offers little protection from bad HOAs

Published December 18, 2019

In this Arizona Republic article from February 2018, journalists Catherine Reagor and Jessica Boehm highlight issues of operating in an unregulated market. With more than 10,000 homeowner associations, many of which are situated in the Mesa Area, HOA's have no means of assuring best practices.

Smartbllot has the experience Arizona HOA's need to ensure that they achieve quorum, eliminate the need for proxies, and get a full turnout for Annual General Meetings and the election of HOA Boards of Directors.

Smartballot also provides a simple and secure Registry management platform so that property owners can ensure that they are voting in a secure online environment.

One of the early wins Smartballot has identified is the ability to facilitate open and responsible quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors so that property owners can review minutes and other documents at their leisure. Success is a two way Communication.

Reporting for Smartballot

Patrick N. Marshall BES SURP UWaterloo
Smartballot Enterprise Adviser | Election Officer

Arizona offers little protection from bad Homeowners Associations

(Photo: Sean Logan/The Republic)