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Online voting made simple

  • Communicate with membership quickly
  • Easily vote from web or any mobile device
  • View vote results in real-time
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how it works

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Set up your organization

Create an account and import your members. Our smart technology walks you through each step, then automatically invites each member to engage.

Tina Berry



1992 - 03 - 23


808 - 123 - 4567

First Name

Last Name



Phone #


Kevin Morris



1970 - 04 - 03


492 - 297 - 6096

First Name

Last Name



Phone #

Electoral Officer

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Create your election

Here’s where you decide what to ask and when to hold your voting event. Engaging your members is that simple.

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Reach members and hold your voting event

At the click of a button, send a secure electronic ballot to each voting member. Now all they have to do is open the ballot, vote and submit.

Bring your vote into this century

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features designed to make voting simple

The best way to engage, manage, and vote

We designed a powerful online voting platform, then took it one step further. Our integrated features provide demographic information to help you better understand your electorate, and allow you to communicate with members right from their devices. Send board minutes, surveys, electoral results and other notices with automated ease. And if you’re in charge of membership, we make it easy to stay on top of changes to your registry.

Get support at any time

If at any time you run into difficulty, we’re here to help. Simply complete our support request form and one of our technicians will get in touch with a prompt solution...and if needed, we’ll jump in the phone with you (or even a video conference to resolve the matter ASAP!).

See details about your voters

Manage member details and contact information, generate reports about member demographics and see all transactions associated with each member.

Stay in contact with members

Communicate with voters quickly and easily while tracking all communication. If any emails are undeliverable, SmartBallot will send an alert.

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