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Online Voting News from SmartBallot

Published May 15, 2019

SmartBallot is pleased to launch Online Voting News, a regular blog post devoted to reporting the newest developments in delivering good governance, democratic processes and best practices, legitimate decision making and administrative management resources online.

Eight Ways Technology Will Revolutionize The Voting Process

From educating and motivating voters to improving the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort, here are eight ways technology will revolutionize the voting process.


Studies Suggest Online Voting Systems Will Increase Voter Turnout

In the 2015 federal election, 68 percent of Canadians cast a ballot, meaning about one third of Canadians did not vote. Falling rates of voter turnout have been a concern for a few decades, prompting questions about why people do not vote and what can be done to engage them.

Data shows however that the proportion of non-voters who say they could not make it to the polls for “everyday life issues” such as being “too busy” or “out of town” has increased in recent years. Online voting could address this problem.


COMMENTARY: Online voting would boost turnout in October >>

How Estonia's Online Voting Can Solve A Lot Of Election Problems

In Estonia, nearly every interaction an Estonian citizen has with their government can be conducted online today, including voting. Estonia’s online voting, called “i-Voting” is used today by more than 30% of its citizens. In 2005 the country became the first in the world to hold national elections using online voting, following two years later with the first online parliamentary election voting.

If everyone else adopted Estonia's digital-first model, imagine how much easier it would be to mobilize the legions of voters who have become accustomed to conducting their entire lives online?


Bonus link: In March 2019's Estonian parliamentary elections, a whopping 44 percent of the ballot was cast using e-voting >>

Questions or Comments About Online Voting?

Do you have any questions about online voting, or would you like to share your expertise? Leave a comment below, or visit the SmartBallot contact page . We'd love to hear from you.