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SmartBallot Adds New Features that Improve Managing Your Member Registry

Published December 23, 2019

Our cloud-based platform is a seamless, secure solution for organizations that need to engage their members to vote from time to time. While SmartBallot is designed to allow you to communicate with membership quickly, facilitate voting from web or any mobile device, and then view the vote results in real-time, our customers have told us there needs to be more ways to contact specific groups or audiences.

As a result, SmartBallot has recently added features that allow you to more easily manage a large membership registry. Essentially SmartBallot now provides very granular search terms when searching your membership.

New Features Allow You to Stay on Top of Your Registrar

Until now, whenever registrars wanted to send out polls or other votes to specific subsets of the membership, such as volunteers versus directors, they would have to search for the class of membership, extract the contact information and create entirely new lists.

In fact, it's common for registrars to use spreadsheets to maintain separate lists for each type of member they have. These spreadsheets then need to be manually updated, meaning they're often stale or are missing members

SmartBallot's newest feature allows you to search for specific kinds of members, and then build lists. This means you can send out targeted, highly relevant messaging to your members. As well, you can track who received the message, and whether or not they interacted with it.

It's all about allowing you to communicate with members right from their devices. Send board minutes, surveys, electoral results and other notices with automated ease.

About SmartBallot

Through our parent company, OneFeather, we’ve gained more than 20 years of experience in voting and registrar management. As pioneers in electoral technology and experts in election best practices, we understand your need for new technology that can increase voter participation and master online voting with ease.