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Online Voting News from SmartBallot for August 2019

Published August 1, 2019

SmartBallot's Online Voting News is a regular blog post devoted to reporting the newest developments in delivering good governance, democratic processes and best practices, legitimate decision making and administrative management resources online.

These Eight Voter Engagement Strategies Are All You Need to Know

This article examines some strategies and tactics which nonprofits, advocacy groups, or political parties can use to engage their voters thereby increasing voter turnout. Read more >>

Improving Member Engagement in Your Association

Membership engagement is critical if you wish to operate a successful association. Since membership is an association’s most important asset, care and support of these members must be a priority.

Here are several tactics you should consider in order to improve the loyalty of your association members. Read more >>

Bonus links: 11 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy 6 Steps to Transform Your Member Engagement Strategy

How to Get More People to Vote

It can be challenging for associations to engage membership and get out the vote. This article in Psychology Today discusses some strategies for encouraging voter turnout in national elections that can also be used by associations. Read more >>

Bonus link: Turn voting into a celebration, not a chore

Questions or Comments About Online Voting?

Do you have any questions about online voting, or would you like to share your expertise? Leave a comment below or visit the SmartBallot contact page . We'd love to hear from you.