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Online Voting News from SmartBallot | December 2019

Published December 1, 2019

SmartBallot's Online Voting News, a regular blog post devoted to reporting the newest developments in delivering good governance, democratic processes and best practices, legitimate decision making and administrative management resources online.

Why the First Board of Directors for Your Nonprofit Is So Important

For one thing, being on a founding board is hard work , so members need to be willing to give considerable time and energy to the organization.

E-Mail Voting: A Simple Trap for Nonprofit Boards

Responding to the difficulty of wrangling a geographically diverse and time-crunched board, many nonprofit organizations are now allowing directors to “vote” by email. However, what may seem like a perfect solution poses hidden dangers for nonprofit boards .

Associations Should Anticipate the Career Needs of Membership for Better Engagement

A new study suggests that membership-based associations should focus on their members’ career journey —and then design and engagement strategy that aligns with them. By growing with their members, associations can maintain or increase membership engagement.

Questions or Comments About Online Voting?

Do you have any questions about online voting, or would you like to share your expertise? Leave a comment below or visit the SmartBallot contact page . We'd love to hear from you.