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Notice of 2020 Council election and new voting platform

Published February 4, 2020

Nominations for the 2020 College Council elections are complete. All applicants for Council positions were approved by the Nominations Committee to stand for election.

Positions to be elected this election year include: • Councillors (two-year term – 4 to be elected)

One qualified application was received for the position of President therefore as per College Rule 1.10 that position will be filled through acclamation.

In 2020, the College has selected a new electronic voting platform that will make voting in Council elections simpler and more convenient. Voting will be facilitated online by Smartballot.ca: you won’t need to download an app and you will enable your voting on the mobile device of your choice.

SmartBallot – through its parent company OneFeather – boasts more than 20 years of experience in developing digital administrative and management solutions for community engagement, voting, and registry management.

Getting registered to vote is simple:

Ensure that you have paid your 2020 dues and that your contact information with the College Registrar is accurate Watch for a registration email from SmartBallot in your email inbox; the message will contain a verification link that confirms your identity and establishes your eligibility to vote Once balloting opens, watch for a second email from SmartBallot which contains your unique pin code and a secured link to cast your vote in the 2020 Council election The College will provide more detailed information about voting through College Notices closer to the beginning of the balloting period.

Online voting begins on February 21, 2020 as per Rule 1.10 and runs until March 23, 2020. If you are not currently a voting member (active or retired RPBios, RBTechs and ABTs) but will become one during the balloting period, please contact the Registrar to ensure you are added to the voter registration list.

If you have questions related to the nomination process or the role of the Nomination Committee, please consult the Nominations FAQ on the College website.